Monday, 5 March 2018

Jamie Leigh Platt's placement at Avis Budget - Global Travel and Partnerships Coordinator

This is a guest post from Royal Holloway student Jamie Leigh Platt who is studying for BSc Management with Marketing (Year in Business) and is currently doing a 12 month placement with Avis Budget as a Global Travel and Partnerships Coordinator. Avis Budget are currently advertising a range of placement positions in nearby Bracknell so if you like the sound of Jamie's placement do consider applying!

Since joining the Avis Budget Group in June for my placement, there hasn’t been a day I haven’t learned something new. From creating websites to flying to Barcelona for a call centre incentive, I’ve been given so many opportunities and been able to see first hand how a global business actually works.
Jamie Leigh Platt holding the award when Avis won best car rental at the Star Awards
While initially I dreaded the thought of applying for placements and doing the rounds at different assessment centres, interview days and trying (and failing) psychometric tests – I can say now, I shouldn’t have been so worried… While it is possible you might fail to make the cut due to the applicant process at one company, you’ll always find other placement better suited to your skills. Especially in my case, I struggled with psychometric tests due to my dyslexia so I reached out to companies I knew preferred to have face to face interviews. 

Jamie and the Partnerships Team
When it comes to interviews, instead of getting nervous and trying desperately to impress, see it as a chance to get a feel for the people and the company you might be working for. While its important you get this experience under your belt, its more important you enjoy your time there. 

By only applying to placements that I could see myself enjoying made the whole applicant process so much easier. Having a genuine interest and a passion to learn more about your placement will come across to employers and make your time there so much more enjoyable. For me, marketing was my biggest interest so my manager helped me get involved with this side of the business. So far, I’ve been able to help create promotional campaigns for our big partners at British Airways, Mastercard, American Express and many more. I’ve also helped with planning all our upcoming events and award shows in 2018, and now I’m even helping to organize our annual ABG event at the Henley Royal Regatta.

Jamie was featured in TTG magazine with some of her colleagues at the TTG Awards.

If you want a chance to apply for my placement role, please follow the link below. The applicant process was simple - with no psychometric tests at all! :

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