Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Sarah Hunt's GSK placement

Sarah Hunt is studying for the 4 year BSc Management with Human Resources (Year in Business) at Royal Holloway. She started her placement year with GSK in Brentford at the end of June. We asked her a number of questions about the application process and how she has found her placement so far...

How did you find the application process?
A long process but one that is worth it in the end, it took a lot of rejections but those rejections helped me and made my applications stronger in the future. I found the most important thing to remember is to not give up if you get rejected from one or two companies (which I saw people do) it’s a learning curve and one that will help me a lot when I apply for graduate jobs.

Would you have done anything differently in my first 2 years at Royal Holloway?
I would have been less naive when applying for my first handful of jobs, I wasted applications by not realising how important my input was in the applications.

What recommendations would you make to those Year in Business students starting in their 1st year at Royal Holloway and their 2nd year?
1) Your first year grades count!
2) Its not an easy process and it needs a lot of preparation in advance, start applying in September not February!

What is your job title ?
Talent Acquisition Associate

How have your first few months been on my placement?
Great! I feel like a real part of the team and have learnt so much, I'm not treated like an intern I am given real responsibilities and people rely on my work a lot.

What has been the best thing so far about your placement?
Taking part in searches, working for the executive recruitment team we are sometimes given very specific roles to fill for high talent roles. This means advertising on the website is not sufficient, therefore I have to help find and approach people on LinkedIn to attract them to work at GSK, this saves GSK thousands of pounds because if this was not done they would have to go to a search firm which on average costs around £30,000.

Monday, 28 September 2015

Tarun's placement year at Nomura

This is a guest post from Tarun Hariharan. Tarun is studying BSc Management (Year in Business) and has just returned to his 4th year at Royal Holloway having finished a placement year with Nomura Structured Finance Services in Mumbai. Tarun has clearly demonstrated the importance of networking both while finding his placement and during the placement year.

Tarun used Bloomberg on a daily basis in his placement

We posed a number of questions to Tarun:

How did you find the application process?

As this was my first proper job I had a lot of questions in my mind. After a session with the Careers center, I reworked my CV and shortlisted a few jobs from a website called Ratemyplacement. I did try around 7 to 8 firms before Nomura. I learnt of an opportunity there through a friend of mine who was an intern there in the asset management department. She forwarded my CV to HR who interviewed and selected me. My first role was for 4 months in the Client Account Management & Strategy (CAMS) team. When I began with Nomura, I struck a good rapport with the bosses there and to my luck a lady in research working for the EMEA Product Management Group (EMEA PMG) was about to go for a 6-month maternity leave. The MD head of research was also in charge of Client Account Management & Strategy. He liked me and recommended me for the job. After a videoconference interview with an ED in London and two people from the team in Mumbai, I landed the job. Doing the job of an Associate at the age of 21, it was not only a learning experience but also an honor.

What approaches do you recommend for other students?

I personally believe students should start early. They should plan what industries they wish to enter and selectively look for jobs. Also networking is extremely and useful, as you may have figured from my story. Thus it would be beneficial to attend networking events, job fairs etc. Don’t have a closed mindset; do look for jobs outside the UK.

What is your job title and what are the major projects you have been involved in?

I was an Intern at Nomura involved in real life projects replacing permanent employees. In the client Account Management and Strategy team I was making reports analyzing revenues and broker votes etc. In the Product Management Group I was involved in making a number of reports that managed the equity products of the firm.

What has been the best thing about your placement?

The best thing about my placement would definitely be the fact that I coped doing a very difficult and highly skilled job in probably the most competitive industry. I also earned a lot of appreciation from very senior employees about the same. Moreover I was also used as an example, and was titled “a successful experiment”.

Has there been any aspect of my placement you would have changed?

I wish I had taken accounting or finance in my second year, I would have been able to add more to my job (which was in the financial services industry). However I did manage to learn a fair bit on the job. Also I wish I was trained in advance excel as it is very useful in investment banking.

How has this placement prepared you for your final year at University?

Well I must say, working under trained managers and business leaders helped me to better understand what I had studied in my first 2 years in university. Working for a global investment bank, has increased my knowledge of the global business and economic environment. Also in my 12 months at Nomura I have had various situations thrown at me. These situations have taught me valuable lessons on how to be a better manager and also a better employee. Thus having this knowledge and experience I can add more input to my final year than I could have otherwise.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Placement at the Walt Disney Company

This is a guest post from Hippolyte Petit . Hippolyte is is studying on the 4 year  BSc Management with International Business (Year in Business) and has been out on placement with The Walt Disney Company since June.

Since I have joined the Walt Disney Company in May 2015, there has not been a day without learning something new. As part of the social media & digital acquisition regional teams, I am lucky to work with Disney offices across 20 different countries. Star Wars, Marvel or Walt Disney studios represent amazing contents to work on and awesome opportunities to develop creativity. 

Hippolyte - working at The Walt Disney Company
Doing a placement in digital marketing, in one of the most renowned multinationals, is extremely inspiring, boosting and challenging. 
Surrounded by talented and dynamic digital professionals, I benefit from their great support and truly enjoy my responsibilities here. Daily, my role is to bring digital support to the local teams for the management of their social media channels, reaching up to millions of fans.   Also, I am involved in various online advertisement campaigns, depending mainly on the new-release movies. 
In a nutshell, this position offers me a great immersion in digital, with an overview of paid, owned and earned media.

I would highly recommend to every student to plan a year in business, as part of undergraduate studies. This is a great chance to boost our cv, to start building our professional network and it really helps to determine career perspectives.

My studies at Royal Holloway have helped me to develop the employability skills needed. Hard-working, self-motivation and ambition drove me to this amazing experience; and as Walt Disney said "If you can dream it, you can do it” ! 

Hippolyte Petit