Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Interested in working for a SME?

Many students have expressed interest in working for a SME – a small medium enterprise*

Alvaro Ferreira, BSc Management with International Business (Year in Business) student is currently doing his 12 month placement as a Wealth Management assistant for SME Ascot Wealth Management. Alvaro writes:

 “I think it is very important to consider applying for both MNEs and SMEs. In my experience so far, my favourite thing about working for a small company is that you are involved with most things that are happening in the business. In my case, Ascot Wealth Management is a growing company which is constantly going through changes and improvements. This means that we are all involved in the process of change, giving me the opportunity to contribute my ideas to the business as a whole. I find this to be a benefit, because it means I am given more responsibility and I get the chance to learn different parts of the business rather than just doing what my job description says. Alongside to this, being in a small firm really means you work and communicate with everyone which I enjoy as there is more interaction and you get to learn more from working with different colleagues.”

*SMEs are organisations which are small (fewer than 50) to medium sized (50 – 249 employees) and includes micros (fewer than 10 employees). According to Government statistics there are currently 5.5 million private businesses in the UK which is 2 million more than 2000. Combined SMEs account for 99.9% of all businesses and generate £1.8 trillion annual turnover (47% of UK Sector private turnover). 

How to find out more about SMEs.

Rate my Placement provides details of the top 10 small to medium sized undergraduate employers 2017-18 (source: those shortlisted at the 2017 National Undergraduate Employability Awards) :

The winner was Prospect Soft. 

Prospect Soft have placement positions for 2018/19 advertised here: https://placements.prospectsoft.com/

Other finalists were : Borro, Egress Software Technologies, Golfbreaks.com, Magpie, Sparx, Supreme Creations, Tekever, TLC Marketing and Whym.

Read more about previous Royal Holloway Year in Business students who have worked at SMEs: 
      > Rosie Toe did a marketing placement with Vercida. The Company helps employers looking to promote a positive and diverse working environment, and those looking for jobs in an equal opportunities workplace. http://yearinbusiness.blogspot.co.uk/2017/08/normal-0-false-false-false-en-gb-ja-x.html

I     >Iris Pilement did a marketing placement with Vines & Terroirs in Hong Kong, an SME which is the biggest player in the specialised Rose Wine in Hong Kong

   >  Victoria Taylor (and now Sophie Quinn), have done digital marketing placements with Winser of London, a luxury woman’s clothing line. https://www.linkedin.com/in/victoria-taylor-46820a97/


     > Maria Stopnikova did a marketing placement with Lucidity London, an independent marketing consultancy where she was involved in working with the luxury food industry http://yearinbusiness.blogspot.co.uk/2016/08/normal-0-false-false-false-en-gb-x-none.html

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