Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Royal Holloway's Enactus members out on placement.

This is a guest blog organised by Ryan Seller of Royal Holloway's Enactus Society. Thank you to the Year in Business students, Becky, Alvaro and Lizzie who are currently out on placement who have taken the time to talk about how being part of Enactus Society helped them to secure a placement.

As Year in Business students, the prospect of applying for placements can be understandably daunting and can creep up on you very quickly – but Enactus is here to help! We are an international entrepreneurial society with 72,000 members across 36 countries, passionate about improving our communities on both a local and international level. At Enactus Royal Holloway, we run a variety of student lead projects for our members to get involved in who, as well as giving back to the community, gain valuable business skills that stand out on their CV when it comes to the highly competitive job search.

Our previous members have found that potential employers are always impressed when they find Enactus on your CV: Alvaro Ferreira, Becky Bryant and Lizzie Mellor were all members of Enactus whilst at Royal Holloway and unanimously agree that the skills that they gained in the society were pivotal in securing their positions for their Year in Business placements.

Having joined Enactus in my first year of University, it wasn’t until the time came to start applying to placements that I realised just how useful it would be. With the experience I gained in my role as vice project leader and assisting with managing the project, I was able to demonstrate in interviews how I had used skills such as leadership and communication. I found that interviewers were generally very interested in the idea of Enactus and the skills I gained enabled me to stand out against the other candidates. The employers were always interested in Enactus, wanting to hear more about the different projects we run as a society and so it helped develop an easy flow of conversation in what can often be quite a stressful and awkward situation. I have now started my placement at Porsche Cars and can honestly say that I dont think I would be where I am now without Enactus

Being a member of Enactus during my first year of University was a great experience for both my social and professional development. Working with like-minded people motivated me to take my commitment to Enactus even further, and I was elected as President, a role which held in until the end of my second year. My experience and work with Enactus cannot be fully explained in this short blog post, but looking back over the past two years, it is clear that it played an undeniably significant role in securing my placement as a Wealth Manager Assistant at Ascot Wealth Management, making it to the Top 10 Management Undergraduate of the Year for TargetJobs and, most importantly, the great friends I have made. If you are as keen as me to put yourself out of your comfort zone and work on your career development, then Enactus is the society you will want to join.


Enactus played an influential part in helping me secure a placement at Enterprise Rent-a-Car: as a society, it is massively well known and valued by numerous businesses and so creates a common ground and topic of interest within interviews. Enterprise is a large supporter of Enactus and so this undeniably helped my CV catch their attention. Being a member of Enactus enables you to showcase your charitable characteristics as well as a passion for developing a business plan which benefits society on both a local and international scale. As a member of our international project and events coordinator, I was able to draw real life experiences from Enactus including teamwork, leadership and organisation skills. My work with Enactus allowed me to draw on current and noteworthy examples within my interviews, successfully demonstrating the skills which ultimately secured me the job! Whether you are on the committee or just a passionate member of one of our projects, Enactus is a uniquely enjoyable experience that potential employers always find impressive and so will make applying for placements just a little bit less stressful.

 Find out more about Enactus:

Enactus Royal Holloway have an introductory presentation at 6:00pm on 20th September in the Moore Building Auditorium if you want to find out more about how you too can follow in the footsteps of Alvaro, Becky, Lizzie and many other successful Enactus alumni.

Enactus RHUL’s Freshers’ Calendar:
o   Year In Business Introductory Lecture: 18th Sept, 3:00pm, Moore Building – We will be at the Year In Business introductory lecture to answer any questions you may have.
o   Enactus RHUL Introductory Talk: 20th Sept, 6:00pm, Moore Building Auditorium – Come along to our Introductory Talk to find out more about what we do and what we have planned for this year.
o   Enactus Taster Session: 21st Sept, 4:00pm, Stumble Inn – We’re running a taster session so you have get a hands-on experience of what being part of our international organisation is like.
o   Pub Crawl: 30th September – Relax and the team for a drink at the annual Enactus Pub Crawl! More details to follow…  

    Read more about the 2016 Enactus Conference: http://yearinbusiness.blogspot.co.uk/2016/11/the-enactus-conference-benefits-of.html

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