Wednesday, 5 October 2016

YIB student Carolina Portilla promotes AIG/ financial services insight days

Carolina Portilla is a Royal Holloway Management Year-In-Business student, currently out on placement, working for the international insurance firm AIG (sounds familiar ? former Manchester United football club shirt sponsors before Chevrolet took over). Helping to host student insight days below on behalf of her company, Carolina wants to provide other Royal Holloway students the same opportunity she got at AIG last year, having been lucky enough to take part of the 2016 Internship cycle prior to being offered a placement. 

All of the events listed below provide insight not just into AIG, but more broadly into the financial services sector. 
Importantly attendees will get priority consideration for the 2017 internship cycle.

Carolina says her experience as an intern in AIG last year really helped her, as “being part of the AIG internship program gave me a platform I would have not gotten elsewhere. Throughout my placement I got exposure to senior leaders not just within the organisation but within the industry, that has helped me raise my personal profile."

"I even got to work directly with the Executive Committee! The work I was involved with and the projects I got to take partake in gave me the tangible experiences needed to make decisions about how I want to start shaping my future and unique examples of skills and competencies I can use to stand out in future job interviews”

In efforts to reach a diverse pipeline of new talent AIG (American Insurance Group) is hosting several Insight days aimed at university students to get them to explore and perhaps consider a career in the financial services sector/insurance industry.

The current events are as follows:

1) LGBT+ insight day on the 12th of October 

2) Women's insight day 26th October   

3) African Caribbean insight day on the 2nd of November

4) An evening with the CEO on the 29th November 

Check AIG's website for details:

To sign up and find out more please email

Thanks Carolina for wanting to share these opportunities with your peers.

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