Monday, 17 October 2016

Shuvangi's placement with designs codes in India

Shuvangi Sen Chaudhury is studying BSc Management with Accounting (Year in Business) and is currently spending her placement year working for designs codes in Kolkata, India.  

designs codes is a professional web design company which provides clients with solutions for their digital requirements from web development to digital marketing.

Shuvangi started her placement at the end of August 2016 and in this blog article she shares her perspective on Year in Business and how her placement is going to far.

How did I find the application process?
-Initially I found it difficult, but after seeking help from Emma Baker and the careers department, the application process seemed easier. Filling out the application form is the most important part, especially the questions such as "Why are you applying?" or "what motivated you to apply?". It feels difficult and stressful in the beginning but with continuous applications, the application questions became much easier to answer. 

What recommendations would I make to those Year in Business students starting in their 1st year at Royal Holloway and their 2nd year?
-To the 1st years I would say that they should get involved in voluntary work and societies. Get involved with group work within the university. Communication and inter-personal skills develop when you get involved in such work. Also the experience you gain is a great reference when going in for interviews.

-To 2nd years I would say start applying from the beginning. Don't wait until December or January to apply. The faster you apply, the better chances you have to secure an interview. Take your time with the application questions. Don't put the same answers for each application. Re-write your cover letter and tailor your CV according to each job specification. Make the most of the 1:1 sessions with Emma Baker (Careers)

What is my job title and what projects will I be working on?
-My job title is Marketing intern. I am currently being trained on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Social Media Optimisation (SMO). I will be given my personal projects after two months of training where I directly communicate with the client and learn about their requirements and work accordingly. 

How have my first few weeks/ months been on my placement?
-The first few weeks of my placement was a bit stressful. Settling down, getting to know the work environment, and also getting to know my colleagues. However, my manager and colleagues helped me a lot. I have now settled in well. I also got to know what is expected of me and how my placement will progress. 

What has been the best thing so far about my placement?
-The best thing about my placement so far has been the fact that I am able to actually apply the knowledge I gained at university workshops and lectures. Being able to use that knowledge, change them accordingly, and knowing and learning the difference between theory and practical. 

What else would I like to say about the Year in Business programme at Royal Holloway?
-I would say that the programme is extremely helpful. Even though I am on overseas placement, the university has always been supportive and helped me throughout. The programme lets the student explore opportunities and learn about the obstacles that can arise during an interview or even applying for a role, and also how to overcome it. The university provides a number of services, which if used, can help a lot during the search for a placement and securing one. 

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