Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Interview tips from Hippolyte at the Walt Disney Company

This is a guest post from Hippolyte Petit who is a Royal Holloway Management student on the BSc Management with International Business (Year in Business programme) . Hippolyte is currently working as a digital marketing placement student at The Walt Disney Company in their Hammersmith offices in West London. In this blog post Hippolyte offers his tips to students who are preparing for placement interviews.

If you ever had to prepare for a job interview, you probably know how exciting, but stressing, it may be.  Let me give you few tips and learnings from my personal experience. 

In three words, I would say: research, anticipation and motivation. 

First, you need to learn more about the industry and the company itself. I would highly recommend you to read as many articles, blogs and reviews as possible. Google, and the company's website will be your best friends for your research.

Secondly, try to anticipate what could your interviewers ask you.
There are few basic questions which you will have to answer at some point, such as a quick self-intro, your interests in the company & in the position and what you are expecting to learn from this opportunity. Be smart and get them ready in advance!
Preparing a lot my interviews has helped me to feel more comfortable and less stressed on the day.

Last but not least, motivation is mandatory! You need to show your interviewers how proactive, curious and willing to learn you are.
You will need to demonstrate great interpersonal skills. The recruiter will surely assess your ability to fit with the rest of the team. Don't miss the chance to give a nice first impression and feel free to ask questions about the job.

Also, I would strongly recommend you to always send a follow up email after your interviews. Thank them for their time and state your interest in the position, again!

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