Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Year in Business Call back afternoon - March 1st

We very much enjoyed seeing a number of the 3rd year placement students at Royal Holloway last week for their Call back afternoon. The session was run by Dr Catherine Harbor, the Academic Director for the programme and  Emma Baker from the Careers service.

Dr Catherine Harbor, Academic Director for the YIB programme
The call back afternoon provides a good opportunity for the placement students to share their experiences, ask questions about their Academic Assessment and develop their skills.

Emma Baker, Senior Careers Consultant
During the afternoon students were filmed presenting a STAR example (Situation, Task, Action, Result) to demonstrate their skills. They could select which skill they wished to present (eg leadership, team building) and were given feedback by Career Consultant Emma Baker and their fellow students. Thank you to all the students who joined in with the filming and giving feedback : being filmed in front of others can be very daunting but this experience should have provided valuable practice and the chance to improve (eg for Graduate job interviews).

The students also have to prepare 10 STAR examples as part of their Academic Assessment and so this exercise has helped them to fine tune one such example.

We also appreciated the time these Year in Business students took in talking to current Royal Holloway 2nd year Year in Business students over tea.

For those 2nd years who have found placements it was great to hear about how the students were getting on in companies such as IBM, GE, Grant Thornton, Enteprise Rent a Car, GSK and Lucidity London.

Many 2nd years who have not currently secured placements said they felt reassured to hear that some of these placement student had not secured their positions until May/ June of the previous year.

 We were delighted that Jeffrey Unerman, was able to drop in and join the students at tea. He also welcomed Alumnus, Luke Cameron, of "the Nicest job in Britain" who shared his experience of working in the Charity sector with the students

Jeffrey Unerman, Head of School, speaks to placement students

Alumnus Luke Cameron "nicest job in Britain"

Dr Catherine Harbor with Jeffrey Unerman and Luke Cameron

Opportunity for placement students on call back to catch up with College friends

Katharine Radford, Year in Business Programme officer.

 The 3rd year placement students also joined us for the big 1st year YIB event in the evening and presented on their experience of securing a placement and offered their tips for success.

Unfortunately those students currently on placement abroad were not able to join us. We currently have a placement student working for J&J in Shanghai and another working for Vines and Terroirs in Hong Kong.We use skype / phone calls and email to connect with these students.

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